Accelerate Development

We specialise in custom backends, REST APIs, microservice architecture, distributed apps and streamline your moonshot!


Not just development, we value Reliability, Scalability and Maintability

We are agilie - We are experts at producing custom web solutions from concept to launch using Agilie methodology which ensures high quality, reliability and effectiveness of our deliverables within the stipulated deadlines.
We write clean code - We write code, mostly for humans to read and seldom to run on machines. We obey the testing goat, write tests for code, and have design patterns engraved deep into our sub-concious.
We provide Quality Assurance & do Deployments - We help you setup and manage your servers so that all hosted apps are robust, secure, scalable and fault tolerant. Our QA services include usability, performance and load testing.

We have built great things for our customers

Internet of Things - Realtime Dashboard for Solar Cells, powered by Flask and ReactJS

Payments - We have built payment systems doing about $1 Million in monthly transaction, using Django and AngularJS

Ad Technology - Implemented low latency Demand & Supply Side Platform, using Revive Ad Server, Tornado, and Django

Blockchain - Moved supply chain operations to a distributed private ledger using IBM Hyperledger

Real Estate - Built systems that run complex algorithms for report generation parsing 100 GB of data, being generated every week, using Pandas and IPython



Our engineers use the latest technologies, frameworks and latest methodologies to deliver results that you expect. Our services are specially designed and structured as per our customer’s needs, we cater from startups to large scale businesses.

Backend Development

Accelerate the software development process via our integrated, smooth, reliable cloud based development & maintenance services.

DApps Development

We have a strong and growing authority in the Blockchain development services. We help you develop etheruem smart contracts, distributed apps, custom wallets, and private blockchain using IBM Hyperledger.

Custom Chatbots

New age AI messaging bots are creating a different way to work. They are the need of time, which not only allow you to perform simple task numerous times, but are also comparatively lot easy to install.

Architecture & Product Consulting

If you are a startup looking to get technology partner or an established technology, looking to upgrade legacy systems, we offer our expertise.


We create REST Interfaces for your databases and make it easy for you and make your data consummable by devices and other services.


We provide end to end services from deployment, monitoring, alerting, and provisioning of cloud systems.

Few of our own concepts in production

We have used in house expertise and apps using state of art technologies currently being used by many on web.



Social network for twitter thread enthusiasts. Helps users bookmark, create, and discover tweetstorms based on their interest. It uses artificial intelligence, REST Architecture powered by Django and Front end using ReactJS to create the solution.


Omnichannel URL Shortener. Helps you shorten and customise URLs from the comfort of your browser and chat applications as skype, slack, messenger, telegram. We have done custom and intelligent chatbot integration to make URL shortening fun again.

Happiness of World

We measure the GDP of countries, but have you ever thought about quantifying happiness? We used our big data, sentiment analysis and visualisation skills to create a weekly world happiness report. Sounds interesting, right? Click to check it out!

We offer a free trial with an NDA

We offer a trail period that comes free of cost, where you don't have to pay a dime, and we help you with one of your crucial bottlenecks.

If you are happy with the trial, we take things ahead, else we remain good friends!

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