Scalable & Distributed Apps Development & Deployment

We convert Concept to Code! We love creating dynamic and robust solutions using open source tools.

Application Development

We specialize in Custom Application Development, Single Page Applications and Distributed Apps on top of Blockchain.

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Quality Assurance & Deployment

We help you setup and manage your servers so that all hosted apps are robust, secure, scalable and fault tolerant. Our QA services include usability, performance and load testing.

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Maintainable & Readable Code

We write code, mostly for humans to read and seldom to run on machines. We obey the testing goat, write tests for code, and have design patterns engraved deep into our sub-concious.

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We are Agile!

We are experts at producing custom web solutions from concept to launch using Agilie methodology which ensures high quality, reliability and effectiveness of our deliverables within the stipulated deadlines.

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We have written more than 500,000 lines of Code! Collectively our team has more than 50 years of experience in delivering high-end applications!

Domains & Relevant Success Stories

  • Manufacturing - Organised complex manufacturing process and provided solutions to automate business process.
  • Internet of Things - Realtime Dashboard for Solar Cells.
  • Payments - We have built payment systems doing about $1 Million in monthly transaction.
  • Outsourced Product Development - Technology partners to startups who intended to create minimum viable product from an idea stage.
  • Healthcare - Implemented a personalised care delivery platform.
  • Ad Technology - Implemented low latency Demand & Supply Side Platform.
  • Real Estate - Built systems that run complex algorithms for report generation parsing 100 GB of data, being generated every week.

Why US ?

  • We focus on the key drivers of business growth - Technology, Productivity and Cost-effectiveness.
  • Emphasis on "Collaborative Thinking" that involves company and its customers.
  • Provide the best technology resources in form of real-time experienced professionals at affordable rates.
  • We have not only delivered results but also delivered value perennially.
  • Strong Delivery Team comprising multiple technology competencies and success stories.
  • Excellent Partner network in Technology & Domain knowledge to support.

What are the core technologies?


We help you build your backend OR REST APIs using Django - A web framework for perfectionists with deadline.


We help you develop Rich Client Side frontends & SPAs using React JS and AngularJS.

Docker, Ansible & Kubernetes

We containerize your application using Docker, help them clusterize them using Kubernetes. We can manage fleet of your servers using Ansible.


Backend Development(Django, Flask, NodeJS)

DApps on top of Blockchain and Ethereum Network

Automated Deployment over AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku or any VPS

Setting and Managing your Cloud Cluster using Kubernetes and Ansible

Client Side MVC using ReactJS, VueJS & AngularJS